The open source IFML editor for Eclipse.

The IFML editor is an eclipse plugin based on EMF and Sirius. Please, follow the steps below to install and run the tool.

Install the tool from the update site

Download the modeling version of Eclipse Luna (4.4) from the Eclipse Downloads Page.

A Java 7 JRE/JDK is required for most of the Eclipse 4.4 package downloads. Make sure that the environment is well setup before running Eclipse

Click on Help / Install New Software.... Then, click on Add... and fill the wizard as follows. (The update site is

Select the plugin and click on Next

Follow the rest of the steps (license...) and reboot Eclipse.

Create a new Modeling project

In the Model Explorer, create a new Modeling Project.

Enter a name then and finish.

Create a Core model

Create the folder models and import your UML model.(You can use this sample)

Right click on models and select New -> Other -> Example EMF Model Creation Wizards -> Core Model

Enter the file name and click Next

Click on Browse and select your UML model, click on OK then click on finish

Initialize the editor

Right-click in the Model Explorer view on the Modeling project and select Viewpoint Selection.

Activate the viewpoint IFML Core in order to create the representations of IFML diagrams.

Right-click on the sample model and select New Representation / new IFMLDiagram. Choice a name for the diagram and hit OK

Then the diagram opens. Bellow is a diagram made by the editor, you can check this sample project from the GitHub repository under examples/org.ifml.sample

The open source IFML editor

Code licensed under the Eclipse Public License. Documentation licensed under CC BY 3.0.